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Needing Help With A Circuit Control Of An Ac Single-phase Induction

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Hi folks,


Please could someone help me to calculate the values of the electronic components

shown on the article named " Bidirectional VF Control of Single and 3-Phase

Induction Motors Using the PIC16F72 " ( Application note AN967 ) from

Microchip, in order that this circuit can be used in 220 V - 60 Hz ?


The Microchip web site address is the following :





And the application note can be found here :





I would like to use this circuit to control a single phase AC motor with

permanent capacitor , but the local power supply network where I live in Brazil

is 220 V - 60 Hz. The power of this motor is 1 / 4 W


Any help will be welcome,






Wilson R. Bastazini

From Brazil

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