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Running 50hz Appliance On 60hz

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Hi all. I've found a thread here discussing operation of 60Hz motors on a 50Hz supply, but reading this hasn't helped me enormously.


I have moved from UK (240V 50Hz) to Philippines (240V 60Hz) and brought my automatic washing machine with me, reasoning that most of the functions are logic-controlled and, therefore, not affected significantly by the change in frequency. The only component that is fed from the main incoming supply is the water pump. Now, this is a very simple single phase induction motor and I hoped that, apart from running 20% faster, it would work perfectly well.


However, after two years, the pump is becoming increasingly hesitant to start up. If I am unable to find a suitable 60Hz motor, is there anything I can do to make the existing pump operate more reliably? I can easily remove the stator core and windings, but have failed in my attempts to access the rotor.


So, I guess that I'm restricted to modifying the windings. If, I reduce the number of turns, I expect to reduce both the inductance and resistance, increasing the current (& power) drawn. However, I reason that reducing turns (for a given current) will reduce the magnetic field. Vice-versa for increasing the turns.


Can anyone advise a simple modification to render the motor/pump more reliable?


Oh, it always seems to start up satisfactorily when there's no water (ie. minimal mechanical load).

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