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Detuned Reactor Factor!

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Dear all,

I'm a new member, and i have read some topic and comment about the detuned reactor. So I have a little knownlege about this one. I know that the reactor factor (5%, 7%,...) relate with the frequency resonance. ( I see that fr/f1=1/sqrt(%p)).

When I see in the catalogues of some company, I see that they choose the frequency fr are 2.7 (13.7%), 3.8 (6.9%), 4.3 (5.4%) . . .

So, I want to know why people choose these frequency? why not choose the other?


Thank and best regards!

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Hello tringuyen


Detuning reactors are chosen to provide a series resonat frequency the is well away from harmonics and to provide an inductive reactance to the harmonic voltages present in the supply.

Typically 5% and 7% reactors are used where the inductive reactance is equal to 5% or 7% of the capacitive reactance. Note, this is related to the capacitive reactance, not the frequency.

I think that you are geting confused by two diferent ways of rating the reactors rather than wildly different values.


Best regards,


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