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Somar Eluma Intellegent Lighting. Does It Work?

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Hi everyone. I have had interest for a little while now in becoming a distributer for Somar Intl. my search lead me here and I realise that there have been some discussions about one of their products more suited for motors. I am in the Caribbean and they have sent to say that they consider the Somar Eluma Intelligent Lighting most appropriate for me to start off with.


I would like to know if there is anyone here who distributes this product as well as Id like to know if they are effective (value for money). I am not a technitian and have no such background knowledge hence would require some level of training from Somar. Do you think it is a worthwhile venture?


I would be willing to share the document they sent me with someone who is willing to revise it. It is entitiled (Business Case & Proposal for Energy Efficiency Measures in Sainsbury's RDC, Corby.




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I have no experience with this product, but there is no doubt that energy can be saved by the corrrect control of the lighting.

In most installations, the lighting level is set for the lowest ambient conditions. As the ambient light level increases, the artificial light level can be reduced and energy can be saved.


Most people will manually turn lights ON and OFF depending on their requirement, but an automated system could have an application.


Best regards,


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