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Elcb Tripping On Motor Starting


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Recently we installed Motor starter panel for Outdoor airconditioning units: Daikin VRV Invertor based technology, motor rating 16.5 KW,


In the starter for each motor , as per instructions from AC supplier, we installed a 40 A FP MCB, 40A FP ELCB ,300mA & contactor,o/l relay etc.


Firstly there was big difference E to Neutral Voltage, which was corrected, but still the elcbs are tripping.

Kindly help to rectify the problem.

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I would recommend that you ask the agents for the equipment.

It is probable that the ELCBs are being affected by both the noise generated by the inverters and also the capacitance of the EMC filter on the input of the EMC filter.


Best regards,


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