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Control Cable Capacitance Compensation

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while using the long length control cables . it is observed that the motor is not able to stop by breaking the control ckt by stop push button.

this is happening because the cable capacitance continue to be in parallel with the contact and charging current makes the power contactor On.

how to compensate the cable capacitance.?



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Hello Ravishanker


Welcome to the forum.


To reduce this problem, you must either increase the current flow by adding additionalresistance across the relay coils, or reduce the voltage to say 24VAC, or change to DC coils at say 24VDC.


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I such cases, my personal experience is to install an indication lamp with load (Incandescent/tungsten lamp) with same voltage and watt. Its resistance is very low in ambient temperature and it has an ability that as apply voltage increases, its resistance also increases which is helpful in overcoming on capacitance.


"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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