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230 Volt Phase-to-neutral Motor, 50 Hz. On 277 Volt, 60 Hz.


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Can I run a 50 hz., 230 volt phase-to-neutral motor on 60 hz., 277 volt phase-to-neutral?

Assuming you're talking about a single-phase motor, possibly one that utilizes a capacitor for either starting and/or running,

the answer is probably not without changing the value of the capacitor at the very least.

Pick a value that produces the LEAST amount of SMOKE. ;)


Single phase motors of that type are not designed to be operated at voltage/frequency value other than that

specified on their rating (nameplate) plate data.



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Hello viking1


Ignoring any capacitor issues, the 60Hz motor could be operated on 60Hz at 277 volts, but the speed of the motor will increase by 20%.

In some applications, this would result in a severe overload of the motor, so you would need to determine what potential issues there would be with overspeeding the load.


There is also the problem of the start capacitor (assuming a capacitor start motor).

The voltage across the capacitor is higher and the frequency is also higher, so you would need to reduce the capacitor size by taking the original capacitor value and mulitplying by 230/277 x 50/60 = 0.69


Best regards,


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