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200kw Generator For 200hp Motor


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good afternoon,

i have a 200KW generator (180KW prime) to run a 200hp motor driving an air compressor.


motor info: 182A, 575V, 3PH, 60HZ, eff 0.95, PF 0.87;

generator info: 600V, 543KVA motor starting capability (30% voltage DIP), AREP excited, overload 300% for 10s;


can this setup be used if a soft starter is installed?


any input would be appreciated.


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Hello sgrx


To determine whether this would work, there are first a number of steps.


1. Determine the start torque requirement of the compressor.

2. Determine the start current required to develope that torque with the motor being used.

3. Determine the maximum KVA required during start.

4. Determine the maximum KW required during start.


The alternator is loaded by KVA, so you can determine the performance of the alternator under the start conditions you have found above.

The engine is loaded by KW and you can determine the behaviour of the engine under the starting characteristics.


For overloads during start, I would strongly recommend that a three phase averaging AVR is used rather than the cheaper single phase (2 phase) half wave peak reading AVR. Additionaly, use a PMG excitation to make the performance much better during the start overload.


Best regards,


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