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Online Ups Loading/distortion Characteristics


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I am an Air Conditioning professional, not electrical, so please bear with me in case there are any mistakes in my questions.


I am looking for a good Double Conversion Online UPS for my office. 




1. Is it true that a UPS performs the BEST only when it is more than 50% loaded? (Non Linear Load)


2. I saw a product demo in which a Double Conversion Online UPS was giving less than 7% voltage distortion on UPS output but 120% current distortion on the UPS OUTPUT SIDE.


Does current distortion on UPS OUTPUT side matter?


3. In my office, at night I sometimes work alone, so if I take a 3KVA UPS, it means that this 3KVA UPS will run just one PC. The cost of running does not matter. My question is --- will it HARM my PC, if a 3KVA UPS is giving it power, and no other load is there?


It would be difficult to purchase a 3KVA online for my office, and a separate Online for my PC.





Thank you.





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