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Failure Of 22kv Capacitor


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last day when we charge the capacitor bank first time then we watch the extra noise of huming still after 6hours one capacitor of 22kv 150kvar

is brust I thinkthere is harmones in line so help me to measure the harmones in a simple way or say what is the symptoms of harmones when they ganerate in line there is a detail of plant &capacitor bank;

1.total load=2700kw

2.catagery=inductation furnance

3.initail p.f=.95

4.desire p.f=.995

5.furnance make=electrotherm

6.total inductation furnance in feeder=6

7.own plant no in feeder=2

8.total kvar=900 (150><6)

9.capacitor volt=22kv

10.phase volt=33kv

11.conectation=two parallel star

so respected sir help to measure harmones &also advice me to select harmonic reactor

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