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How To Mathemactialy Model The Starting Transient Of Induction Motor?


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Hi guys,

This is my first time here so go easy on me :rolleyes:

Well the thing is I am currently doing my summer vacation work experience at a mine site and our power station is operating in island mode.

We have large DOL induction motors unto 1600kw that cause a severe voltage dip when they start, even though we have to bring online another generator for the motor to come online.


What I have been told to do is to look at pf correction at our main 11kv bus that is automatically switched cap banks. I was thinking; if we are going to correct the pf why not make it so that it can aid the starting of the induction motors by switching in multiple cap banks. Question is I need to prove that the switching of cap banks will help the motor in starting up and they wont cause as much voltage dip!. I know we will still get a momentary voltage dip even with cap banks on, but cap banks will help in recovering the voltage back up to nominal value.


Is there anyway to mathematically prove this?? How can I model the transient starting current and voltage dip and addition of cap banks??

Forget about soft starters and Y/D switching only need to focus on what I am trying to do, so any useful suggestions would be appreciated.



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