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Info About Sinusoidal Commutating Current Amplifier


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I want to develop a servo amplifier that will get a torque value from a motion controller and that should

control a 3 phase IGBT bridge such that the specified torque is generated by the motor (using encoder or resolver feedback)

The amplifier should take care of the sinusoidal commutation.

It should be a 4-quadrant amplifier and when de-accelerating, power should be delivered back to the DC input.


I'm looking for information about the best way to switch the IGBT bridge and how to arrange the current control.

Should I measure the current and switch the IGBTs on/off when certain limits are reached? Or should a use a PWM current

control with a slower current detection and some PID loop.


I'm also looking for tips and tricks and possible pitfall information. Maybe a good book on this toppic?


Any help is welcome! Thanks.

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