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Capacitor Current Harmonics And Its Limit


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hi all.As pertheory capacitor current harmonic is result of voltage harmonic.does this cap.current harmonic harmful to load? I think its reactive and not get added in load current.Is my assumption right?If yes then I should not get any increase in load current harmonics.What is the limit of cap.current harmonics and what it does when increase beyond the limits?Is series detuned reactors limit voltage harmonics or cap.current harmonics?
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The harmonic current flowing into the capacitor is a function of the harmonic voltage applied to it. The capacitor current will not flow through the load, but it may help to reduce the harmonic voltage and thereby reduce the harmonic current in the load if the load is linear.

If the harmonic voltage is due to a distortec curent flowing in the load, then the addition of the capacitor will reduce the high frequency of the supply and can increase the harmonic current flowing in the load.


Most power factor correction capacitors have a maximum current rating of 110% of nominal. In ohter words, provided that the carmonic current (total) is less than 10% of the nominal current, there should not be an issue.


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