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Motor Protection And Monitoring


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Hello, I want to know what are some of the challeges regarding AC motor protection. like for example thermal motor protection. What are some of the problems that can occure regarding motor protection. I read that Three phase induction motors are very sensitive and get damaged, when they are subjected to Single-phasing.


For three phase induction motor, it is necessary that all the three phases of supply should present. While it is on load when any one of the fuse goes out, or missing, the


motor will continue to run with two phases only, but it will start drawing a huge current for the same load. This high current may run the motor unless switched of


immediately. Hence,


A single phasing preventer avoids such a mishap with this circuit, the motor will not


run unless all the three phases are present.

Please provide some resources or books to refer and investigate more in your answer.





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