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Smart Relay Website


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A new New Zealand based web site about Smart Relays and Logic Relays.

This website is growing and covering the Genie series of logic relays available in New Zealand.

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I am building up a collection of instructional videos on programming logic relays.

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.


Best regards,


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HI Mark,



I'm looking for a copy of Genie G-Soft NX. The manufacturer sent me a dead link and in searching I found you. Any suggestions on where this might be?

They give it away so I don't figure it should be too hard to find. (I have the USB cable)

I normally use Moeller Easy but have two Genie in stock I'd like to use, I have the software but can't find it right now.




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Hello Brian


If you PM me with your contact details, I will try to send you a copy.


Best regards,


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