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Inverter output


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I used microcontroller to control the switching time of IGBT for three-phase induction motor. The motor is 0.25KW, 400/230V, 0.77/1.34A and is suggeted delta connection.

I wonder now, my output from the inverter should connect to any isolator or any component before connected to induction motor? Or else can connect directly? Please give some advice thankyou!

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Hello Syee


The inverter can be connected directly to the motor, except that in some situations, there are safety rules which apply. You would need to investigate the safety rules in your region to get an accurate answer on this one, however, commonly, if the motor is distant from the controller, it would be normal to have a lockable isolator at the motor to prevent power from being applied when maintenance work is being done on the motor or machine.


Best regards,

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