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V / F Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor

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Dear Technocrats


I have a problem for design and improvement.


A 3-phase Induction motor, 8-poles, 60-Hz, 440V operated in a V/F mode,


The stator resistance is 0.14 ohms, Assume that operation is at rated


frequency and voltage to deliver Maximum Torque of 1000N-m, and that


the rotor resistance is 0.21 ohms.


1) How to find the leakage inductance of the motor's equivalent circuit?


2)How to calulate the minimum frequency which still allows the motor to


reach maximum torque?

Friends please give your valuable guidance to workout this problem and If


possible please suggest me some formula to arrive at the minimum frequency in the part of the problem, I have already referred some of


the books, still unable to solve the problem. Your valuable suggestion


is highly appreciated.


thanks and best regards


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