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3 Phase 480v Pool Heater, Can I Run It On Sigle Phse

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This is my first post and i really wasnt sure that it fit in any where on tis site but i bet someone here can answer my question!


I have a very small pool heater thats 3 phase 480v, is there anyway i can run it on my single phase household?

Another electrician said i could but it just wouldnt run at full performance?

It has 15KW and a 30kw heaters


I use to have a master electrician license but that was years ago and this is above my paygrade!!!



Thanks for your advice



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Hello kentuckynet


Welcome to the forum.

If the elements are star connected, then you could connect all elements in parallel and run from a single phase supply.

The single phase supply would need to be 480 divided by root three which is 277 volts.

If the elements are delta connected, then you would need to apply 480 vols single phase to them connected in parallel.


Best regards,



NB this would be a large single phase load!!

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