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Hi Mark,


You and your team are doing great work for this forum. Good work. Keep it up. But one thing i am not getting is, there are many posts which are dated years back, just now i found one in employment forum it was dated on June 9 2007, why these posts are not deleted? why the forums not contain only recent posts? This made me to think why this forum is not updated?

I can suggest that the forums to be updated frequently.




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I came to post the same comment as sharath/Shartah!.


Can't say I'm too happy that I'm older now than I thought I was already. On top of that I have to push back three times to go back one page.proving that It just gets harder as you get older. **beep**


I did appreciate the belated happy new years email though.


Best Regards



PS don't suppose you have a backup of old forum?

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