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Energy Saving Ideas


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Energy efficient homes uses environment friendly appliances, the people who reduce, reduce and recycle helps in creating greener environment.


Use cement substitutes or recycled concrete to build your home, opt for eco-friendly furniture or invest in a rain water harvesting system, it is a step towards leaving a greener earth for future generations.


Use natural light, gadgets such as lighting controls and energy-efficient bulbs, all go a long way towards better lighting with minimal energy consumption.


A large part of energy goes towards cooling and heating. Weather stripping, insulation, window treatments and glasses to choose, and optimal thermostat settings help lighten the burden of utility bills.


Using Solar water heaters is the best way to save electricity bills.


Choosing energy efficient household appliances can effectively help to save energy.


Use of natural light is one of the simplest way to conserve energy.


Get energy saving ideas.

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Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is very much relied on by many people who have not been used to other expensive means of lighting. There are no covers that you need to have when you are using this kind of lighting because the fluorescent just reflects the light from escaping to space. The cost of the fluorescent is usually very low and affordable hence you can afford it at any cost.


For more information about energy efficient lighting, visit http://hibritelighting.com/advantages-of-energy-efficient-fluorescent-lighting/

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One important way to increase the efficiency is the infrared selection on roofs.

During summer time, sunrays must be reflected.

During winter time, sunrays must be absorbed.

This should be done easily only adding a double-face cover on roofs.

These covers must be reversed manually 2 times per year.

Best regards,


Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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