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Generator Transformer


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I have a system which consists of an 11kV, 50Hz 15MVA Steam Turbine Generator.



The power generated is to be supplied to the grid however the nearest substation to the plant is about 25km away.



I figured out that it may not be economically viable to transmit approximately 10MW at 11kV for 25km and therefore I'm proposing to step up the voltage and transmit at 33kV.


I realise that the generator transformers are normally star connected (HV side) and delta connected (LV side which is connected to the generator).


In this case since I'm planning to connect to the 33kV distribution system in which all the transformers are delta connected at 33kV and has an earthing transformer, I considering using a 33/11kV Dy1 transformer in which the generator is connected to the star (LV side).


Is this possible?


Do I need to consider having an earthing transformer at the 33kV side?






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