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Magnatek Ac Motor Reversal


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Hello all

I have a magnatek 5 hp compressor motor was original in a campbell hausfeld HS2810 compressor with a part #MC022354AV . The sticker on the motor is mostly missing ,so I cant seem to cross it. My goal is to reverse the direction for a new compressor. The motor has 3 caps ( looks like 1 start, 1 run, and 1 more for? that is so rusted you can not read the value. Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Hello tvtommy


Rather than looking at the capacitors, look at the windings.

There should be two windings, one for starting and the second for running. The run winding is connected during start and run while the start winding may be disconnected durining run.


To reverse the motor, reverse the connections to one winding only. (it does not matter which one)


Best regards,


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