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1,5 Cm Distance Between Stator And Rotor


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I want to design a special purpose motor (with an accptable low efficiency) having a stator with inner diameter of 30cm and a rotor with outer diameter of 27cm.


The standard motor has between 0,3 to 0,8mm distance between stator and rotor, but my design needs at least 1,5cm distance (it is a special type of turbine application)


if it possible if we would accept efficiency degrading down to %30.


I would need 1KW output power at rotor for 1400 rpm (can be down to 1100 rpm) and 2800 rpm (can be down to 2200 rpm). The input power can be up to 3KW (I accept an efficiecy of %30)


Is it possible to design. what should I expect if I built it, how can I simulate it (any software)


any ideas?



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