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Currently overhauling a Schrage motor.Confident with everything done so far such as skimming ,undercutting, ducting (pattern understood) and insulation resistances. All standardelectrical/mechanical checks OK, only I'm a little concerned as tothe position of the the brush gear. Marked everything meticulouslybefore pull down, however discovered that twin brush gear (on twincomm) is not even? One is hard right on teeth whereas it's oppositeis only halfway. It has been hot to the point of compromisinginsulation and brushes are prematurely worn. I'm sure that the brushgear should be proportionately spaced with respects to the teeth –It just makes sense!. I would like for somebody with experience toconfirm my suspicions. I found a thesis via google on Schrages(pretty intense) and a few descriptions of basic operation on yahoo.This has given me a vague understanding. The jobs urgent, and I amunable to cram this much information in such a short time. I intendon taking my time and understanding the principle of operation, butfor now I'd kill to have an operators manual (never thought I'd eversay that)!!!





Any reply appreciated.








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The answer was no, the brushgear tracks were not symetrical (in this case). Found many manuals dating back to the 30s. Very handy info on how to adjust and fine tune brushgear to find neautral, stator winding and rotor delta windings in case the factory markings have worn, which in most cases have.



one tooth is really quite serious :o)



Hope this helps somebody else


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