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Need Help on I2C...

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I need help on my program ;d;


I'm using at90s8535 with serial eeprom at24c04.

Actually at90s8535 doesn't support i2c but some people i can bit-bangged it.


When I used codevision, there's option using I2C. I have tried to use it but with subroutine which already defined by codevision. I also have include-ed <i2c.h>. But still it doesn't work. :(


So I try to make my own subroutine. but still doesn't work. So is there anybody could help me check my program and tell me what's wrong?I'm really appreciate it....;d;


I attach the program that I made in zip file.


Just for record. I'm using port B on at90s8535 bit 0 as SDA and bit 1 as SCL.


On AT24C04:

A0 --> no connect

A1 --> ground

A2 --> ground

WP --> ground


I'm really2 thankful for your advice & comment :)


Best Regards,



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let me see

you configure the i2c with code vision but your program dont work

ok first all A0 --> no connect A1 --> ground A2 --> ground WP --> ground go to ground

sda and scl need a resistence and /or a capacitor see your i2c memory for that

if you have any problem send me an email




sorry for my english


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