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Fine Tuning Of Control Technique Mentor M155gb14 Dc Drive


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We have a printing machine which original motor (49KW 2530rpm) had a problem and we sent it for repairing. As we need to run the machine, so we installed another DC motor (37KW, 1750rpm, 94.5A, field 150V 5.9A) and commissioned it with original Control Technique Mentor DC drive M155GB14 56KW. We used same tacho generator which was working with original motor. Now machine is running well up to 70% speed but I am facing a problem that the armature current shown on drive is not stable, it varies in a large range such as 0, 30,56, 25, 70, 0…….. (please see the attached video) If I measure the current by a clamp on meter, it also shows the same results as drive shows. Can any body help me out that which parameter setting do I change to make smooth the flowing of current?



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Hello AB2005


There are several areas that could be causing this, so I would suggest that initially, set the drive up to run in armature feedback and get that stable first. That will eliminate the loop involving the tacho feedback.

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