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Very Strange Wind In Compound Shunt!


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Hi, I'm hoping somebody else has come across this wind and can explain. I have recently detailed the shunt/series pole pieces for a 4pole dc with interpoles.

each pole piece has 4 wires out. 2 for series and 2 for shunt. no problems there..the large csa series winding is in top then wound clockwise to bottom and out to standard crossovers ..however the small csa (500 turns - 2 in hand) is in top wound clockwise joined at the ends and back out the top again! effectively cancelling itself out magnetically with 2 seperate leads out (the same yet opposite polarity). put a compass on them at test bench with zero pole results (as expected)..Whats going on? greatfull for any insights.

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Wow No replies, I`m not surprised though really. It was not a compund!. It was a series with a bifilar winding. First time I have ever come across one. A Zero inductance coil (don`t ask). I`m still not convinced that it is doing anything at all! Anyway it is either strenghtening the magnetism or eating up stray flux ...maybe it was increasing Eff. who knows? it is interesting though, that it was the winding that had burnt from what appears to be overload conditions! All four consistant.


Still interested in knowing more...May have to study a little Tesla to understand.

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