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Confusion About Kvarh Reading Of Energy Meter


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We have an energy analyzer at LT power distribution board of a Corrugator plant. We have Nokian PFI relay and capacitors and our PF remains near about 0.95.

The readings of energy analyzer are as following;

  • KVAh 4306983
  • KWh 4100779
  • Kvarh 1170591.

So, P/S reveals 0.95 (4100779/4306983 = 0.95) a good average power fector but i have a bit of confusion about Kvarh reading. According to calculated average PF (0.95), almost all the reactive power is supplied by capacitors then why EA counted 1170591units of Kvarh which is almost 28% of KWh?

Needs some explanation.

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Hi, I know this is a little late to reply but If you just imagine that the load is kW and kVA, from your figures we turn it into a load of 410 kW at 0.95 is 431.6 kVA, this will result in a reactive load of 134 kVAr, as you can see this is about 1/3 of your kW load.

I hope this helps

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