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Using A Gsm Modem To Remotely Program A Plc In Nz


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This service requires a dedicated 021 number.

It operates in the same way as you carry out a voice phone call, it dials the dedicated number which sets up a direct connection.

There is no data charge by volume of data( I.E is not recorded in Kbytes) but it is measured on the time the call is running (Just as a voice Call)

Data speed is set at 9600Baud.


We have found that these connections do not work well when dialled through a PABX. A direct landline connection or another GSM modem work the best.


A CSD Service and connection can be added to your Sim by the retail outfit that provided the Sim you are using. Make sure they provide you an additional MSISDN (021 Number) for your Landline to dial.

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