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Winding Diagram


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Hi, does anyone know what the winding diagram would be for a single phase ac motor having 2 caps and dual voltage? The motor has no data plate and the only identifier I can see is SY in a laurel wreath with a crown above it.

Inside the connection box is the following data.


Low volt


L1 ---1+3+5 L2---2+4+6


High Volt


L1 --- 1 2+4+5 L2 ---4+6



There is a 40mf cap and a 600mf cap connected



yellow --------[ ]--------Black--------[ ]---------Red



sorry I am not good at drawing with a keyboard.


Anyway the reason I need the diagram is I am trying to test the motor and find out why it is blowing fuses. It is started five or six times in quick sucession then will sit turned of for 20mins and the process is repeated. three times a day it will blow fuses.



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