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Rating Of Stabilizer For A 300W Fridge


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I need a stabilizer (servo motor controlled) for a fridge 300W 220V as there is a large variation in utility supply. The company which provides such stabilizer suggested install 2KVA stabilizer for 300W fridge while for me 1KVA should be enough. What do you suggest? Normally compressor accelerates to full speed within a second. So 2KVA stabilizer is nonsense i.e. just want to sell there item. The voltage variation of incoming utility supply is within the range of stabilizer design.

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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Hi AB2005


The issue will not be the continuous load, rather it will be the starting load.

The rating of the stabilizer is in KVA and I do not know what the overload margin of that unit is, but the 300W fridge probably has a KVA loading of around 600VA and a starting load of 3600VA (3.6KVA). I doubt that the 1KVA stabilizer will be able to handle this.


Best regards,


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It depends on the overload capacity of the stabiliser. I some cases, you may get away with it, but in others you would not.

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