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Energy Saving On Wheat Grinding Machine


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Hi friends;


In our area, many people have installed the Wheat Grinding Machine and running it as a part time business. This machine has a 20HP-400V motor with star delta control. Normally we have problem of voltage variation and some time voltage drops at 350V.

One person met with me and discussed that he is now going to install a PFI plant in order to reduce the utility bill. I tried to teach him that improving of PF doesnt decrease the utility bill but he (a non technical person) given me argument that three of his business colleagues also installed PFI plant with his machine and his utility bill decreases by 5-10% with same work load. I wondered that how it can be possible. As with such kind of small business, no penalty is charged by utility company on low PF then how does the amount of utility bill drop?


We know that the energy meter measures only the active power, and with the reactive power, no problem that load is taking it from transformer or from capacitors.

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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Hello AB2005


You are correct, if the customer is charged on KWHr, then he will not get savings by adding PF correction unless there is a very long cable to the machine, from the metered switchboard, with a very high voltage drop between the meter and the motor, and the pf correction is added at the motor. The reduction in current flowing in the long cable will reduce the KW lost in that cable. Not very likely in reality!!

A saving of 5% - 10% is very hard to prove or to disprove, and if you are convinced that you are getting this saving, you will see it unless you make a very scientific test.


Best regards,


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