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Converting Eint Values To Reals Using Scripted Text In A Plc


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EInt2Float Subroutine in Scripted Text on a Horner Series PLC.



(* EInt2Float *)
(* Convert Emotron EInt values to standard floating point. *)

If And_Mask(EIntIn,16#8000) = 0 then
EReal := ANY_TO_REAL(And_Mask(EIntIn,16#7FFF));

(* Get Mantissa and convert to real *)
TempWord := And_Mask(EIntIn,16#3FF);
TempInt := ANY_TO_INT(TempWord);
If And_Mask(EintIn,16#0400) = 16#0400 then TempInt := TempInt-16#0400; End_If;
EReal1 := ANY_TO_REAL(TempInt);

(* Get Exponent and convert to real *)
TempWord := And_Mask(EIntIn,16#3800);
TempInt := (ANY_TO_INT(TempWord))/2048;
If And_Mask(EIntIn,16#4000)=16#4000 then TempInt := TempInt - 8;
TempReal := ANY_TO_REAL(TempInt);

(* Combine Mantisa and Exponent and output. *)
EReal := EReal1 * EXPT(10, TempReal );



Typical Subroutine Call.
DispCurrent := eint2floatST(FDU2Curr);

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