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Problem With Power Factor Improvement


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we are facing the problem with power factor panel which is installed in School, system has reduce the PFI penalty but can’t achieve the 100% result on electricity bills.

System based on 3 phase 400vac @ 100KVA with 45KVAR improvement controller.


There are connected totally domestic load with single phase like ceiling fan, air cooler, split AC, lights, etc.

But having 3 phase main incoming connection from government supply, we have installed only single CT on red phase but the loads are not balanced on each phase because there are single phase distribution which is based upon 3 phase connection with respect to L1-N, L2-N, and L3-N for 220vac load.




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Power factor penalties do not usually apply to domestic type loads, only three phase industrial supplies.

As such, PF control systems are three phase three wire for phase to phase correction only.


If you have significant single phase load and this is not well balanced across all three phases, then you may need to consider single phase power factor correction, either automatic correction, or static correction applied to the single phase appliances with a poor power factor.


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