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Dv Motor Control


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Hello, I am using a treadmill motor and motor control board to power a potters wheel and have blown the tread mill display board.

The motor control board connects to the display board through pins labelled l w h h m +12v and gnd

I have read online that l w and h are for the pot low wiper and high

that doesnt start the motor though.

Is there any way to use this plug to control the motor?


Heres a photo of the control board :


And a close up of the connections ive got



The Motor is 180v 4 amp permanent magnet if that helps


Note : ive replaced c10 as it had blown, i cant see any other faults with the control board it lights up fine, I am just not sure how to wire it up to make it rum without the display board,


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Cheers, James

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Hello nxumalon2


Yes, but the torque will be reduced so you will not be able to run at full capacity.


Best regards,


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