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DSP based induction motor control


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I have a problem ;p;

Is there anyone with any experience of using a DSP to design an induction motor controller? I'm interested in "Vector control of AC Induction Motors". I'm looking for scheme using dsPIC30F2010/dsPIC30F6010 (PIC18F4431) or TMS320F24x/TMS320F28xx. Can you help me?


Thank you


Emil, Bulgaria

University student



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write your problem about this subject to Halil İbrahim OKUMUS in Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon/TURKEY.


E-Mail: okumus@ktu.edu.tr


because He studied on "DTC" and he has got a thesis on this subject..


Selami kesler, KTU


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if you want to find useful descriptions about implementation and DSP program, refer to the DSP_Based Electromechanical Motion Control, H. Toliyat & S. Campbell, book, hope that I help you,


shahram reicy


University of Tehran

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