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Sending Email Via Gprs On The Xl4 In New Zealand


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The XL4 is able to send emails, or emails with files attached when using CScape 9.60 or CScape 9.70.


Note : This will only work with the internal modem which must be enabled under the Controller | Hardware Configuration


1. Under Program | Messaging | GPRS,

Enable GPRS (tick box) and enter the Access Point Address. This is dependent on your GPRS Service Provider. For Vodafone New Zealand, use : www.vodafone.co.nz


2. Under Program | Messaging | email :

Enable Email Configuration : Tick Box


3. Under Program | Messaging | email | E-Mail Server Configuration :


Enter Your email address

Enter SMTP Server IP address ( for Vodafone New Zealand)

Enter SMTP Server Port (25 for Vodafone New Zealand)


4. Under Program | Messaging | email | E-Mail Directory :

Add a list of contacts with group names and email addresses within those groups. These are the potential recipients of emails.

An specific email message is sent to all contacts within a particular group.


5. Under Program | Messaging | email | Outgoing messages :

Add a list of messages. Each message has a "trigger bit" and a group to send the message to.

The message is sent within the code by setting the trigger bit. The modem will clear the bit when the message has been sent.

Messages can include formatted variables from within the code. (F2)

The message can also include an attached log file from the uSD card or USB stick.


See example.


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