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Ac-23 Motor Not Spinning With Curtis 1238 Controller


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I Just finished wiring the motor controller Curtis 1238 with my AC-23 motor and batteries. The batteries are currently at 3.8v each so rating upto 92.4v and 120ah.


The Controller status LED is blinking slow yellow and the programmer diagnostics shows all OK but the motor does not spin when the throttle is twisted. I can feel the motor shaft gets stiff when controller is fired up. Otherwise the shaft is free moving so the Motor is definitely getting power.


My throttle is a Domino electric throttle with 5 wires, i connected 3 to the controller and left the remaining 2 hanging. I even tried with a three wire 0-5ohm potentiometer but motor is still not spinning.


Any thoughts / Ideas / suggestions would be really helpful.

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