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Copy Files From A Usd Card To A Usb Stick


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The Horner series OCS units can be set up to periodically log to a uSD card.

This will generate a series of files with a new file generated each day.

The files are in a CSV format so can be opened with a spread sheet program.


The uSD card is not as convenient to transfer files as a USB stick and the XL4 has a USB port that can accept a USB stick.


To access the USB stick, the file name must be prefixed with 'B:\' and the file name must comply with the 8.3 file naming used in the DOS days.


The attached program shows how to copy all the files from a 'logs' directory on the uSD card to a 'logs' directory on the USB stick.

The copy operation is triggered by pressing the F1 key.


Note : the attached file is made using CScape version 9.7 SP2 so you will need to use this version of CScape or later.

Demo uSD USB Copy.csp

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