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Motor Did not trip when started

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We have a 15 hp motor that is supplied with a size 2 starter that has an adjustable trip on it. The trip adjustment was set at zero when we started the pump motor and it did not trip out it just kept running. What would cause it not to trip?
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The motor protection will have a delay and so will not trip immediately.

Most motor overload protection is thermal in performance, either using heated bimetal strips, or electronic circuit models to emulate the thermal characteristics of the motor.


If you allowed a reasonable time and the protection still did not operate, then you need to ascertain whether the problem is with the protection device, or the control circuitry.


The protection device would normally have a set of normally closed contacts that open on trip. This is used to open a contactor or to shut down the starter or drive.


To be of more assistance, we will need more information.

Best regards,

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