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Buck Boost Transformer 380V 240V 3Phase


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I have a machine that I built for the US.
It has a couple of Lenze G500-H helical gearmotors and AC Tech SMV VFD 240V three phase.

I have to build another machine for China.

I want to keep all of the same components, and build it for the 240 Volt three phase. But it won't

work over there. I will need to get them to get a 3 phase 380V to 240 V Buck Boost transformer.

Any suggestions on where to get one?

Also, they use 50hz, not 60hz. Could transformer heating be an issue?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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To locate the best 3-phase 380V to 240V Buck-Boost transformer, look at the below options:

Local electrical distributors in China Contact local electrical distributors or suppliers in China that are experts in the field of industrial electric equipment. They will be able to give you information about transformers available that will satisfy your needs. They might also be able to guide you on any requirements or certifications needed for electrical equipment made in China.

Online marketplaces: Browse online marketplaces that sell industrial transformers and electrical equipment, like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made-in-China. The platforms link buyers to manufacturers from China and could have an array of transformers available.

Distributors and manufacturers from around the world contact international distributors or manufacturers of electrical equipment with an established presence in China. Some well-known brands in the transformer business are AGM, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Eaton. They usually are authorized distributors or have offices in various countries which include China. Take note of things such as power rating insulation class, as well as any other specifications needed for your particular application.

Concerning the frequency difference (50Hz in China and 60Hz here in the US) this could possibly affect the performance of VFDs and gear motors. It is important to verify the specifications for these devices to determine if they're compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. Certain devices might be within a certain frequency range that they operate in a satisfactory manner and others might necessitate adjustments and replacement in order to work optimally with the specific frequency. Consult the manual or contact the manufacturer of gear motors as well as VFD can give further information regarding compatibility and any required adjustments.

Finally, heating in transformers is a concern when the transformer isn't built to handle the particular demands of power and load. 

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