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Anybody Still Here?


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Liked to come here from time to time. Looks like there are no posts for 2019 ...or I just can't find them!. Funny enough, I can still login. Makes me wonder if Mark is OK. What happened?. The combined knowledge of this forum was fantastic. Oh well. over and out

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I agree with Eurybates

All the best,


Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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Definitely still here and I check the forum every day without fail, but everyone has scarpered to facebook et al.


Feel free to post questions, you will get answers, but most discussion forums have died off due to a fascination with the facebook/linkedin social media platforms.

While there is limited posting here at present, there is still a large volume of traffic and it appears to be used as a resource by many, but the focus has shifted to the social media platforms and theyn are slowly dying. LinkedIn had very active groups, but they got hijacked by the advertising Spam people and have essentially died. I am not sure what will be the next platform. In the meantime, come back and ask your questions, you may be surprised who answers!!


Best regards,


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