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FFT Questions??


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Dear all,

I have collected some voltage and current waveform ( .CSV file)from the oscilloscope from three-phase inverter switching. I would like to have a software to analyze for me. However, I'm not quite familar with FFT because my previous work is all about classic Fouroer series for synthezing the square waveform . Can anyone tell me what's the most simple equations for FFT? Any really usefull free software for this?

Ok, here is one critical problem for me, the fundamental frequency is the frequency value during I capture the waveform or the desired frequency I want to produce??

By the way,anyone familar with Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS 3054B ? What's the FFT inside this osci? Because I have analyze the waveform using Osci and Top software but the result is different. It's a headache for me doing analysis without knowing what actually the measure parameter is.

Thankyou for your time !

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