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200 kw VFD Wiring with non shielded cable


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G-day Guys 


Re Harmonics' 

I have taken over from the previous sparky. I am currently left with a :


200kw ABB Drive 

185 kW motor ( just pumps water nothing flash )

:70 m cable run 

:240mm xlpe single core for both line and load side. ( no shielding) plus E


I am more customed to servo-drive motors that can have lots of issues when the correct shielding and termination has not been applied.


What additional measures should i put in place from mains to drive and drive to motor? I will be running a dedicated earth connecting all.


Most drives and motors on site have been already connected this way.


Cheers Phil



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Hi Phil

Provided that it is not an active front end drive, then the input cabling is not very critical.

The output of the drive is a different story.

Ideally, you will use a properly terminated screened EMC Cable with the screen terminated by a 360 degree clamp at the VFD output and the motor input.

If it is not practical to change to a screened cable, then you can use a wide braid, of high surface area conductor between the Frame of the Motor/Pump and the frame of the VFD.
The grounding conductor does not need to enclose the output cables, and it does not need to follow the same path, it just needs to have a surface area in the order of 50 times the surface area of a single conductor per unit length.
I have used aluminium strip, galvanized water pipe, all manner of conductors, usually following the shortest path, but must be full length and no pigtails.

Best regards,

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