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Connecting Genie NX to LAN


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Hello John

If this is on your local network, then you may be able to use a "Serial Server" to establish a virtual com port and then program through the virtual com port.

I have not tried this on the Genie, but I certainly have used this process on other devices and it has worked.

Worth a try I guess.

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Hi John

Unfortunately, the current version of Genie Nx does not support Ethernet. However, GIC will be releasing an upgraded smart relay, Genie Pro, in the first quarter of 2024, which will include Ethernet communication capabilities. 

In the meantime, if you require Ethernet communication, you can use the Serial to Ethernet converter from GIC the Lynx+ Gate. This converter enables Ethernet connectivity and allows for seamless communication. I have attached a copy of the GIC Converter catalog. 


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Hi Colin

Thank you for your reply.
This agrees with my understanding also.
The serial converter allows you to have an ethernet connected Virtual COM Port and years ago, I did this quite often.
Connect the converter to the ethernet port on your computer, then install the serial driver and allocate the serial port number COMx and then you can just select that COM port in you software.
Best regards,

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