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Inverter to provide 3 phase power


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Hi Mark,

I received an air conditioning unit with a 3 phase supply of 220 V. I only have available on site 3 phase 400 V. I know that a three-phase transformer would do the job but this is not available. I would like to use an inverter with input 3 phase 400 V to provide 3 phase 220 V to the unit. How to con the inverter to do the job?



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Hi Bob

A transformer is by far the best solution unless you have a three phase sinusoidal output inverter (sounds expensive but there may be something in the solar technology that will work)

It is probable that there will be other components, not just the three phase motor running off the supply, and so the PWM waveform from a VFD type of inverter would not work.

I can not suggest anything specific that is going to be a cheaper and more effective option, than a transformer.

Best regards,  Mark.

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