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BSL Electron 15Kw Inverter Units

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Hi all


I have been given the task of ressurecting a couple of BSL Electron 15Kw Inverter Units ... They have been sitting in a panel for a few years unused ... I really need to find a diagram and parameter list for these units ... Think they may (may) have been made by Fuji & badged BSL ... details as follows:

Unit Type- FVR 150G5S-4 Motor - 15Kw OutputCurrent 29A Volt 415/50Hz Freq 2~240Hz


Anyone have any info on these/ basic onboard start stop or remote connections, anything ... originally set up to recieve parameter changes from plc so I want to set defaults again.





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HI db,


Reg : BSL Electron 15Kw Inverter Units


i have just read your enquiry for above, i kindly request you to inform in which panel a.m. inverter is fitted.

we also have same type of inveter but of 30 kw with us and we think taht we can share our knowledge among us.

kindly reply.


Regards / R. Shah


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