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Need a speed control box for Dremel Grinder

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The router speed control sold by Harbor Freight tools won't work with the Dremel. The "variable speed" Dremels soon get stuck on full-speed. I need to be able to slow one down, for fine work. Thanks for any help.
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I am not familiar with the Dremel Grinder.

If it uses a universal motor (brush type) then the speed can be controlled by controlling the voltage. If it uses an induction motor then speed control can only be achieved if it is a three phase motor and by the use of an inverter.


I assume that it is a universal motor, and suggest that perhaps the controller you tried was too small and this has caused the triac to fail. (locked on full voltage and full speed)

If this is the case, you could try a higher rated controller, or replace the triac with a larger one.

Best regards,

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