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motor failure through slip ring

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we have just experienced 6 failures in as many weeks when starting a large motor using slip-ring & liquid starter. the motor starts fine once repaired. the motor runs continously for 5 days then switched off. The failure occured everytime we restart after the weel-end. The failure occurs in the slip-ring zone.Thank you
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Can you give more detail on what the actual failure is? i.e. insulation breakdown between rings, pitting of rings etc.


Best regards

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We've had also a similar problem in our plant.


See eng-tips.com


especially the comment of edison123


In our case we've asked the manufacturer to increase the distance between the rings for a larger gap and to clean carbondust easier. It seems as if our problem is solved, although we are still monitoring the motors.


Sidenote: I will reply in the eng-tips forum after one year. (7 April 2005)


Thanx for a great site!




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