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Old MEM Contactors

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Can any of you guys identify the contactor and give me the name of it

and the spare parts numbers or even a lead to find spares.

btw... i intend only to replace the whole units with the same or replace the contacts

i dont want to go any other way ...

too much work ...different wiring involved ......im not that knowledgable about doing it other ways ....as im not a trained electrical engineer.

below are two posts i posted in another forum "the home shop machinist"

full post can be found here :-




Can anyone help me with my problem.

it's the contactors on my shipman surface grinder ...I think they need cleaning.

below is a picture of them .....they can be switched on from the panel or direct.

At first they where covered in crud and would not work at all

so I blew them off with an air line now they are intermitently working ....sometimes pulling in with a few sparks and smoke from the actual brass contacts .

Both motors work ..but the contactors are making more noise than the motors ....so I've only been running for a few seconds.

this I'm sure is down to the state of them

they need to be pulled apart and cleaned in situ .

Any one know how ......without loosing springs etc.

any tips appreciated.

all the best...mark






Well not good news I'm afraid, attemped to clean the top contactor ..bad results it's too far gone.

On the main body of the unit, the contacts were impossible to get at and put back in , So I took the whole thing out.....and they are either going back in with new contact strips or they get replaced in there entirety.

As you can see by the following pics..says it all.

The good news is I have a friend that may be able to get me complete new units for nothing ...but he is on holiday at the moment, another week before he is back...will just have to keep fingers crossed and hope he has them.

other than that will have to phone "MEM" the makers, up and ask if they have a service kit for them.

all the best..mark


Main body of contactor after removal of top contacts...one of the contacts was missing as you can see ...dont know how, it must of shaken loose in transport.....it must of been arking across for the motor to run.



Top contactor before attempting to clean



Top contactor after cleaning........not good!!!



all the best...mark

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